Posted by: Babu Suresh | January 2, 2009

2nd Jan. 09 Trading Session

Today’s Nifty Futures Tick Chart and 1min. Chart
DS D (02/01/2009 10:18:05 AM): Nifty Fut. Supports: 3023, 2994, 2945 Resist: 3046, 3072, 3101
Nifty Futures Tick Chart
Nifty_Fut_020109I feel terrible and disappointed to note,  despite the fact that the stock market has routed out majority of the small,
medium investors and retail traders between Jan.08 and Nov.08, the heartless fourth estate and govt. officials, in the name of a rate cut and stimulus package, are still playing their usual tricks.
Although I am a day trader and not affected in any way by these rumours and news, I feel totally disheartened and anguished at this indifference shown by them, trying to give false hopes.
The whole market, media, and govt. know very well the market is driven by few big players and whereas, the small traders in bare minimum numbers trying to capitalise on the big moves with the hope of recovering some money that is blocked or lost in the last mayhem.
If and when the govt. wishes to give a stimulus package and/or cut interest rate, both of which I am sure, are not meant just a favour to boost the stock market but the whole economy on the whole. Why is this noise by the fourth estate and rumour mongers??????
Nifty Futures 1Min. Chart
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