Posted by: Babu Suresh | February 15, 2009

The Fire of Adversity

Gold is the most precious metal in
the world because it is also on of the
rarest. But you can’t find pure gold
simply by bending over and picking up a
little shining nugget, hidden away like
an Easter egg in the grass.
Gold is there, it exists, the earth
produces it without effort, but it’s up
to man to dig it out and reveal its
How? Through the test of fire. To get
rid of gold’s natural impurities, they
are burned away. The calcified material
that remains is purged of its
The same applies to diamonds. Did you
know that it takes 250 tons of minerals
to obtain a 1 carat diamond! And here
again, once removed from the earth,
every diamond has to be polished and
So although nature does contain its
treasures, it is up to man to work with
the raw elements and from them fashion
Did you ever think that you were like
raw gold or an uncut diamond? Nature
may have spoiled you and created raw
beauty in your person, but she also
created tests that will purify you and
form your true identity. Nothing can
forge your character or affirm your
identity as well as adversity.
It’s up to you to find the degree of
heat necessary to melt the impurities
that hide your beauty. No one makes an
investment without hoping to gain
something back in return. It’s up to
you to do what is necessary to protect
the investment that nature has made in

Xtian Godefroy

“If you cannot yet see the beauty
inside you, do what a sculpture does to
make a statue beautiful: remove what is
not necessary, scratch and polish until
the beautiful lines of the stone are


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