Posted by: Babu Suresh | February 25, 2009

25th Feb. 09 – NSE Trading Session

Nifty Spot 1M ChartNifty_Spot_1M250209

I feel terribly at ease and feeling so relaxed while trading for, ever since I started believing that the market is always good, only we need to change our perception of the market and attitude towards the market, my life has tremendously changed and am feeling very much happier about the transformation. I am truly thankful and grateful to all the events happened since Oct.08 and to the country I respect a lot, The United State of America (USA). Anyone who has learnt to take good things from them, will not worry about the bad things they have done. They are amazing people on the earth. My prayers are always with them and I pray for their speedy recovery.

Nifty Spot 5Min. ChartNifty_Spot_5M_250209

Coming to our market, Spot Nifty as expected yesterday, had successfully tested my first resistance 2786 but could not go beyond that level. Tomorrow being the last day of the current contract, I don’t expect anything dramatic and I would not be surprised to witness the Nifty testing 2803, subject to firmly breaking 2779.

Last two days, I have been indulging only in trading index options, thanks to my very good friend Harsh from Mumbai, one of the top traders, for he rammed the idea of trading index options on Monday evening in a long telecon. Hes an amazing man.

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