Posted by: Babu Suresh | February 27, 2009

27th Feb. 09 – NSE Trading Session

Nifty Spot 1M ChartNifty_Spot_1M270209

Today is one of the days we have to draw a clear line between trusting our media and trusting our own self. The day began, perhaps with lot of apprehension and scepticism whether there would be any substantial trading at all due to multi-fold increase in the futures lot sizes.

Ironically, the prominent counters witnessed better or usual volume than one would have anticipated. I won’t subscribe to the notion that today’s 1st half fall was due to dismal, the media quote, performance of our GDP. The market is not as stupid as what our media is projecting it to be, for it had already taken all these factors into consideration. Its a sheer common sense at a time the whole globe is experiencing major downfall, India cannot be exceptional to the same. Its by now the universal fact that due to our excellent regulatory and financial systems, our back bone, the banking sector has remained largely unaffected and continues to grow.

Its high time, I pray, our media had woken up to the reality that they are addressing Indian public, traders and investors and not some so called advanced, matured markets where such languages would be welcome. We are far advanced and better off than the media which is still dreaming of fooling in the same old 2007–08 fashion.

Nifty Spot 5Min. ChartNifty_Spot_5M_270209

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