Posted by: Babu Suresh | February 28, 2009

NSE Nifty Spot-Weekly Analysis – 27th Feb. 2009

Daily and Weekly charts of Nifty Spot:Nifty_Spot_D&W_270209

I am heartened to note, my blog is increasingly attracting large viewers across the globe for its simplicity and distinctive in nature. As I had mentioned at the early stage itself, I wanted my presentations to be entirely different and I want my viewers to learn not only trading but also learn to interpret the charts instead of depending on jazzy discourses on technicals and tips.
There is a ocean of difference between giving tips and advising. Expert Advice always costs a lot. My charts are self-explanatory by anyone who knows the basics of Technical Analysis and trading, for I use very basic indicators and they are very powerful. I also would like to emphasise charts alone do not make a person successful trader and investor but various other factors as well.
Although I am being looked upon as a stark critic of our media for their irresponsibility, I am also thankful for their lack of knowledge, inexperience, pessimistic approach, stupidity, naivety, unwillingness to improve their quality and presentation.
Coming to the Spot Nifty, she has been successfully trading above 2600 for more than a month and half. I am expecting volumes on Nifty Futures and Options to improve in the coming weeks thanks to NSE’s boldest move ever to increase lot sizes and margins of more than 200 scrips. Monday will see good volatility thanks to Reliance’s latest move to merge RPL within itself.

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