Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 10, 2009


GBP-JPY 30M ChartGBP-JPY-30M-10-03-09

Perhaps in response to the data released earlier in the day or due to technical correction, Pound has swiftly come down to test 135.52, my yesterday’s support, regained after touching 135.11. Unless it holds above 135.24, which looks quite doubtful, chances are high for testing, 134.10 and 132.97.

GBP-JPY 1H ChartGBP-JPY-1H-10-03-09

My charts, be it Forex or Gold, Silver, hardly require any elaborate interpretation from my side, as it is highly evident, they are constructed in such a manner, even a layperson with very basic understanding of TA, can comfortably analyze and interpret to suit his or her trading style.

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