Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 15, 2009

Do You Believe In Destiny?

During the time of Napoleon I, a
great French general names La Variere
made the decision to attack, even
though his troops were largely

He was certain of victory, but he
felt his men’s fear and wanted to do
something to cut short their

On a country road he stopped before
an isolated chapel and declared, “I am
going inside and I will ask for God’s
help. Then I will come out and flip
this gold coin. If our Emperor’s face
appears we will win. If the other side
comes up heads, then we will lose. And
so, my companions, our fate is in the
hands of destiny.”

After a few moments in the chapel, La
Variere came out and flipped the coin.
Napoleon’s head appeared. The soldiers
shouted and acclaimed their destiny,
and the entire company’s moral was
lifted. Convinced that they would be
victorious, they fought with such
bravery that they rapidly won the

After the victory Vermont, one of La
Variere’s adjutants, said, “Oh Sir, no
one can change the course of Destiny.
This unexpected victory is yet another
proof of that.”

“Who knows, my dear Vermont, who
knows,” replied the General, and he
showed him the coin on which Napoleon’s
head appeared… on both sides!



“Destiny is stronger than the will of

We have often heard that said,
especially by those who renounce life,
who prefer to walk with their heads
bowed and their backs curved, because
it’s easier to do so than to confront

Hazard does exist, as do all the
problems that plague men. That’s a
fact. But one should not seek to impose
any intention on these things, as if
there were a curse on humanity or some
transcending evil.

Intelligence, an entrepreneurial
spirit, courage and yes, even trickery,
can affect the order of things. And why
even assume that there is a
pre-established order?


“The will of men who are put to the
test can often supercede the will of
Tristan Bernard


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