Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 21, 2009



Hi folks,

My last Saturday’s resistances 2739 & 2779 were firmly broken while rising without much strength amidst good buying in some of my favourite stocks.

Market is holding tight with a grand hope of RBI cutting interest rate after the inflation falling below 1. Only, few know the real dangers of inflation falling so abominably low like this. However, I will look forward to annual inflation data, which will give clear indication whether we are heading towards for the first time, deflation. My philosophy is simple, experience everything to know many things.

My Supports for the week ahead are: 2752, 2739 and Resistances are: 2816, 2836

Nifty-15M-ChartSpot-Nifty-15M-20-03-09 Nifty-30M-ChartSpot-Nifty-30M-20-03-09 Nifty-1H-ChartSpot-Nifty-1H-20-03-09

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