Posted by: Babu Suresh | April 1, 2009


GBPJPY H1–M30–ChartsGBPJPY_H1-010409

Was busy enjoying twittering; socializing, discussing purely on anything and everything other than market related matters. Its a great place with some wonderful people.

Coming to our topic, yesterday’s supports are still holding well, while the 1st resistance is posing a major problem.

The G20 meeting hype seems to be fading and in the absence of any credible reports other than tomorrow’s ECB’s decision on interest rate decision and Friday’s array of data from US, which may have some impact on Yen, there seems to be no major threat as of now.

I also notice today Pound has been trading without any visible strength, I would be quite cautious, before considering going long at this stage.

GBPJPY H1–H4 ChartsGBPJPY_H1-H4-010409

I am not changing my supports & resistances, leaving them as there were.

My probable supports are 140.13, 139.02 and resistances are 142.44, 143.36, 145.04

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