Posted by: Babu Suresh | April 3, 2009


GBPJPY H1–H4–ChartsGBPJPY_H1-H4-030409

Well, Well, Well…this is something to reckon with. 

Perhaps I was slightly over cautious the other day; I don’t regret that. Probably that attitude had helped me on lot of occasions.

The current levels were last seen in Nov.08. and so far this is also the highest weekly gain since then.

Effectively all my resistances have been firmly broken and now on the verge of testing 149.61 but, before that I expect a good correction. In the event of breaking 149.61, testing 153.81 cannot be ruled out.

GBPJPY M15–H1 ChartsGBPJPY_M15-H1-030409

Please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see my analysis everyday. It makes no sense to post some analysis everyday just for the heck of posting to increase the traffic. If you need any clarifications or trading guidance, you can write to me or call me any time, I will respond immediately. I am writing this specifically because I notice scores of traders checking every few min. to see whether there is any update.

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