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Hi Friends, glad to see you all.

Pound is trading on a passive mode, unable to decide which way to go, despite BOE’s decision to keep interest rate intact. It could be that BOE has realized just by going on reducing interest rate is not going to solve short term problems, while jeopardizing long term prospects. At this juncture, I would appreciate Reserve Bank of India’s hard stance not to compromise on interest rate and let the markets decide their course of action.

Day Trading Strategy

I was told by several traders in various forums, making on an average 50 to 100 pips per day on GBPJPY is next to impossible. Yes, I agree fully it’s not possible when you do not know what you are doing, what you want. I am working with this pair since 2007, tested every available indicator under the roof, lost good amount too in my trading.

The outcome of my experience, never giving up attitude, constant endeavour to improve trading, I formed my own trading strategy called SOLIMO Forex Strategy, that is too simple, but powerful. Solimo, the term has not been borrowed or stolen from somewhere, it has meaning and purpose.

I generally love to handle highly volatile stocks as well as currency pairs. Upon forming my powerful SOLIMO Forex Strategy, my entire day trading approach has dramatically changed. 🙂

Healthy And Wealthy Weekend

Healthy And Wealthy Trading



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