Posted by: Babu Suresh | April 15, 2009


GBPJPY M5–M15–ChartsGBPJPY_M5-M15-150409

Effect of SOLIMO

SOLIMO System applied on my fav. GBPJPY and USDCHF for Day Trading & Scalping.

USDCHF M5–M15–ChartsUSDCHF-M5-M15-15-04-09

Day Trading, when treated as a business can be made more enjoyable and full of fun. It can also be made more miserable and depressing; it’s after all a choice, one makes. There is no distinction between those who trade with Million $ and those only with few 100 $s.

I get lot of calls and emails to teach TA, I simply refuse to do so, primarily because the system that works for me need not necessarily work for others. In my training on trading, I hardly spare 20% of my time on TA.

The SOLIMO System was formed to suit my temperament after experimenting innumerable indicators and systems, investing substantial money, time and efforts. It may not work for traders, analysts who mainly focus on technical analysis.

Healthy And Wealthy Trading



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