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Hello Friends,

Glad to see you after a peaceful weekend, with the powerful blessings from all our Moms.

That was a lovely correction in the last 10 days, although there was a minor one in-between, creating some cushioning and help easing the heavily built-up tension between 148 and 151.

Just to recall from my 10th post,

<<Technically looking at, Pound has been trading without much strength, giving all the indications for a good correction yet to come. Big guys may have plans to trap everyone around 152.>>

152 perhaps would have been felt too far away to wait.

I would be more comfortable when Pound eases some more, to the level between 142 and 144. Let’s wait and see, we have a long week to go.


My present supports and resistances – supports 146.28, 145.65, 144.97 & resistances 147, 98, 148.25, 149.20

GBPJPY H1                 GBPJPY_H1-120509GBPJPY_H4-120509 GBPJPY H4

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