Posted by: Babu Suresh | June 12, 2009


GBPJPY M15–M5 (Click the image to zoom/expand)GBPJPY-15M-5M-12-06-09

Hello Friends,

Just to recall my 30th May, 09 analysis, my first support, 153.25 has since then been intact. Thanks once again to the great S&P’s downgrade and Brown’s worry, Pound has been enjoying her rally.

As usual, I would exercise caution as I observe, from 158, she has been moving up without much strength. However, I will not rule out 166 in the coming weeks.

GBPJPY M30–H1 (Click the image to zoom/expand)GBPJPY-30M-1H-12-06-09

My present supports and resistances – supports 161.53, 159.66, 158.92 & resistances 162.11, 162.55

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