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Presenting here both gbpjpy & gbpusd 30 min. charts from two different Chart Software with basic indicators. The indicators that I often use are: EMAs, MACDs, RSI, Awesome Osc., Accm/Distrbn.

I often refer in my posts, rising and falling with and without strengths and weaknesses. What do they mean, how to identify and trade accordingly? Have a close look at these charts.


A trained trader will require only few minutes to identify them, a fresher will make an attempt to understand, ask for guidance but whereas a trader with half knowledge and understanding would never be able to see those that are quite visible to make trading decisions and call this as useless.

As is my usual approach, I will leave it to you to come out with your own interpretation of the charts presented here and if you feel you can email your comments and I will reply with my guidance.


I am quoting here, for your reference, comments from one of the prominent forums that I received in my thread, from a trader who tried my system and expressed his opinion.

“Yeah Psb67 – just rub it in !!!! LOL Sure wish I had been trading Friday !


I am learning more and more of the subtleties of your system every day ! Has worked magnificently for me as is but there is much more to it. I have tried MA’s but they just seem to kill its effectiveness – Enter the Psb67 Super MACD – LOL – Using the Macd as a filter it performs almost flawlessly – I have noticed that that when the CCI is very jittery the Macd keeps me from using it – by the time it settles down, I am ” permissioned ” to use it and it is accurate.
One other very interesting thing – I am using the AO but am becoming persuaded that the A/D is more accurate – less noisy ! Its a very subtle thing,but I have noticed that when I am ” permissioned ” by the MACD – and the A/D has ticked up, even very little, the CCI signal is a good one – it seems very consistent – like I said – it is very subtle – but seems to be reliable. Psb67 – I went to several other sights where you post and was very impressed !

Hi again psb67 !
I have used your system for several days now – I was trading on a small time frame and was amazed to back off ( 15m chart ) when the day was over to see what lousy days they were ! That being said – they have been the best days I have had in the markets in as long as I can remember ! I also use two CCI’s in one window – 14 and 50 – when things are smooth they get me in a little more quickly and also help to enter in the middle of a MACD trend – Also use MACD crossover with a MA4 – when there is the least bit of chop I wait for the MACD to cross its long term MA
This morning I dropped down to the 1M chart and traded most of the day with that – made money trade after trade ( this is all GBP/USD ) – Your MACD with that longer term MA smooths it out and it trades like a 5 or 10 minute chart !
R/R Excellent ! Win/Lose Excellent !
Have to tell you – when I first saw your post I was thinking ” Oh Boy ! Heres the 142nd set of MACD magic settings I have seen this week ! ” So glad I tried them !”

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