Posted by: Babu Suresh | August 16, 2009


Hello Friends,


Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. 

Glad to share with you my students are doing well after attending my 3 weeks’ – 10 Pips A Day coaching.


I didn’t realize until 2 weeks ago, the American media with their coterie of inexperienced, uneducated bunch of economists, is well determined to destroy the livelihood of every American in the name of recession, sub-prime, unemployment etc. etc. etc., when they were shamelessly, irresponsibly and recklessly making the employment data due to be released as though it was the last data of the millenium and brain washing every one with their fancy analysis and their language, devoid of any feelings and facts. I felt truly disgusted.


It’s a well known factor that every American since early 2000 has been made to live under fear and this media hyped recession is the ultimate weapon they found handy to play with, disregarding immense sacrifications the Americans made in the past to build their country and other nations.

May God help true Americans.


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