Posted by: Babu Suresh | September 28, 2009


Hello friends,

Hope all of you had a pleasant weekend.

GBPUSD-280909Although it’s visible the selling pressure seems to have eased to some extent on Pound, still the potential buyers are waiting on the sidelines, monitoring the situation in UK. The latest development in UK besides economic and monetary worries, political gimmicks have begun keeping the next year’s election, which can have tremendous impact on Pound.

Whatever they do, unless there is a total paradigm shift happens in UK, chances look extremely low in the near future there will be any credible positive developments in any of their efforts. Their passing the buck solely on the bonus issues of banking sector alone will not help in any way to ease or improve the situation. If they are dreaming of adopting a lame tactic of diverting the attention of the public, they must be prepared for yet another huge shock in the coming months.

GBPUSD-1-280909Also, after having slept with an extra ordinary complacency for over an year, they start making statements over their deep concern on the safety of public tax that are spent to protect their weak banks, people will not buy it. They must look beyond their current problems and start working with entirely a different mind set.

As I had said earlier, let’s wait and see, it’s going to be a real fun.

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