Posted by: Babu Suresh | October 2, 2009


Hello Friends,

GBPUSD-1-021009Being the last trading day of the week I would say, this has not been a bad week for Pound, from the view point of Mr. King. The fall has been respectable and has every chance to move up, as some of the high end real estate investors would not miss this opportunity to buy pound unless Mr. King has more comprehensive plans to push her more downwards. Also it’s important to note, although Mr. King made an open statement he would not mind a weaker pound, he didn’t mention till date the level at which he would feel comfortable or in other words he would expect his investors to feel at ease to start investing in his currency that would help improving his economy.

GBPUSD-021009It’s also noteworthy to mention, when the whole of UK is sinking fast, British are too busy working on setting up their Supreme Court. That’s the speciality of British, once the invincible. 

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