Posted by: Babu Suresh | December 6, 2009


Hello friends,

GBPUSD-061209So, the coming week is poised to see Pound fluctuating between 1.62 and 1.66, keeping in mind the usual expectation on interest rate decision from BOE on 10th instant. Also, I expect little chances for the USD to keep up the gains of this week and maintain the same spirit.

The most significant change that I notice since the infamous Oct.08 is, there is no more fear amongst either the traders or small no. of investors, the debilitating disease has spread among the policy makers, economists & media around the world, who are still busy religiously working on the problems rather than the solutions on an urgent basis.

GBPUSD-1-061209My Probable Supports: 1.6404, 1.6339, 1.6278; Resistances: 1.6508, 1.6595, 1.6659

Healthy And Wealthy Weekend

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