Posted by: Babu Suresh | November 17, 2010

MA (Moving Average) Crossing-4

Yesterday’s market, 16th instant, was one classic example, despite the sentiment being weak, how many of us – day traders, can easily lose money and throw our hands on the air claiming “I can’t trade this market, too volatile; don’t know where and when to enter…” and how many of us look for a pull back, thinking the market is already too heavily over sold and get chopped off either way.

TF_161110Usually, the first hour of the US market decides, instead of how many traders can stay there, should continue trading successfully. I have attached the first hour TF-Mini 2000 Russell Index chart for your reference and highlighted No Trade Zones. The first chart with 806 Ticks clearly shows the trend is down but the second with 169 Ticks helps identifying the No Trade Zones.

Undoubtedly with the lower time frame and low EMA values, I can avail all the trades that my higher time frame usually rejects but somehow I found that both do not suit my temperament. May be due to my age factor.

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