Posted by: Babu Suresh | January 8, 2012

Day Trading System

To begin with, I wish to convey a highly Healthy And Wealthy New Year to all of you.

In a quest to improve my trading, in conjunction with my trading style, strategy and my trading temperament, since last couple of months I have been working with a system which I wish to share with you all. The results are quite satisfactory.

My new system as follows:

Market: NSE India

Instruments: IDFC, JSW Steel, SBIN, Tatamotors and USDINR

Charting software: Ninjatrader

Indicators used: HMA, Bollinger Bands, MACD, TRIX & RSI and Pivot Points

Time frames: 933 sec., 456 sec., 321 sec.and 231 sec.

Indicator settings: HMA-26, Bollinger Bands–14, 0.26, MACD–12,26,9, TRIX–15 & RSI–14,6

Entry Methods:

For Long Bulls:

1. Price is clearly above HMA & Bollinger bands

2. MACD histogram is above zero line

3. RSI above 50

4. TRIX above Signal line

For Short Bulls:

1. Price is clearly below HMA & Bollinger bands

2. MACD histogram is below zero line

3. RSI below 50

4. TRIX below Signal line

I use RSI & MACD to study, as always, the strengths and weaknesses of the price movement. Despite my having used, on & off, HMA and Bollinger bands since 2008, I never realized the full potential of them until recent past and since then, I have been able to improve my trading. The system is self-explanatory and if you need further clarification, I would love to guide you through.

JSW Steel_1

JSW Steel_2

Healthy And Wealthy Trading


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