Posted by: Babu Suresh | February 20, 2012

EURUSD-HMA-Bollinger Bands

Symbol: 6E –  EURUSD Futures

Presenting here charts of 6E-EURUSD Futures with HMA-Bollinger Band system.

6E –  EURUSD Futures


Its needless to mention that the trading rules remain absolutely same as described in my post, the link is given below for your reference. I feel its pertinent to add again that this is purely a discretionary trading system; the indicators used are regular and most popular ones, found in all the charting software. The system does neither use any fancy indicators nor requires any. However, there is one custom made fantastic indicator, I found in Big Mike Trading Forum,  that I am still testing; once I feel all these family of indicators clearly complement with each other, I will post it and share the indicator as well.

HMA-Bollinger Bands Day Trading System

There were two trades till the time I started this post and have marked the same in my chart for your understanding.

NB: I don’t trade forex or US futures; as before I am only sharing with you-my fellow traders, my trading system which may be useful to you.

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