Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 12, 2012

12th Mar Nifty Day Trading Session

Good to see you all.

Despite a shaky start I managed to identify 3 good trades, 2 from JSWSTEEL –  1 long,  1 short and 1 long from a new subject –JUBLFOOD (Jubilant Foodworks Ltd). I have been monitoring JUBLFOOD for 2 weeks, which is the usual time I take before deciding to add a subject in my kitty for trading. A good stock for both day trading as well as for holding short term due to its unique business model.

State Bank of India was not within my purview today so totally avoided it and kept my entire focus on JSWSteel and Jublfood. After 13.00 hours, Jublfood gave another excellent chance for long but avoided it as I had already completed my daily target, in fact far exceeded my usual daily target.

Attaching herewith JSWSTEEL and JUBLFOOD charts with HMA-Bollinger Bands Day Trading System in action for your understanding.

JSWSTEEL –  12–03–2012

JSW Steel_120312

JUBLFOOD –  12–03–2012


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