Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 21, 2012

21st Mar Nifty Day Trading

Overall, it was a terrific session.

After my first trade with JUBLFOOD, I stopped trading and was just enjoying the session.

On 19th  Mar. I had mentioned,

“Considering the manner in which the last phase traded, I would exercise caution on the short side for the time being, if I were to carry my position over night.”


Attached here are my regular intraday charts and daily charts of the instruments I follow. Also attaching Nifty Spot Daily Chart for your reference.

JSWSTEEL –  Intraday –  21–03–2012

JSW Steel1_210312

JUBLFOOD –  Intraday –  21–03–2012


State Bank Of India –  Intraday –  21–03–2012


Nifty Spot –  Daily –  21–03–2012

Nifty Spot_210312

JSWSTEEL –  Daily –  21–03–2012


JUBLFOOD –  Daily –  21–03–2012


State Bank Of India –  Daily –  21–03–2012


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