Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 22, 2012

22nd Mar Nifty Day Trading

After the market I spent some time reading some of our great online news papers to know what they say about today’s, what you and I would probably call either a crash, a correction, a big fall or in an extreme case, a panic sell off. I was not surprised to read our media passing the buck on European markets and weak Rupee. Fortunately, they did not cite the new alleged 10 lac. crore Coal Scam –  Approx. $250 Billion, as reason for today’s fall. lol

Now coming to the reality, I called it a day after scoring another 10 points from JUBLFOOD, just after 12.00 and as usual spent enjoying the rest of the session. At about 1400 hours, I just like that called a friend of mine and told him, there is a rumour going on in the net about a possible coup d’etat in China and told him to be cautious.

Presenting here my usual intraday charts from Ninjatrader and daily charts from Amibroker with HMA-Bollinger Bands Day Trading System for your reference.

JSWSTEEL –  Intraday –  22–03–2012

JSW Steel_220312

JUBLFOOD – Intraday –  22–03–2012


State Bank Of India – Intraday – 22–03–2012


Nifty Spot –  Daily –  22–03–2012

Nifty Spot_220312

JSWSTEEL –  Daily –  22–03–2012


JUBLFOOD –  Daily –  22–03–2012


State Bank Of India –  Daily –  22–03–2012


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