Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 23, 2012

23rd Mar Nifty Day Trading

After my first trade with JUBLFOOD in the morning, I got a chance to go long with JSWSTEEL around 1400 hours –  B-733.80 and S-742 and with that trade I called it a day. On the whole while it was a great session, huge uncertainty was very much obvious which can be further substantiated with falling premium of Nifty Futures and other subjects. However, do day traders need to worry about these matters, certainly not.

Presenting here my usual intraday charts from Ninjatrader and daily charts from Amibroker with HMA–Bollinger Bands Day Trading System in action for your reference.

JSWSTEEL –  Intraday –  23–03–2012


JUBLFOOD –  Intraday –  23–03–2012


State Bank Of India – Intraday –  23–03–2012


Nifty Spot –  Daily –  23–03–2012

Nifty Spot_230312

JSWSTEEL –  Daily –  23–03–2012


JUBLFOOD –  Daily –  23–03–2012


State Bank Of India –  Daily –  23–03–2012


Healthy And Wealthy Trading

Healthy And Wealthy Weekend


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