Posted by: Babu Suresh | March 30, 2012

Most Beautiful Valley in the World – Cerce Valley

Most Beautiful Valley in the World

“Soulside Journey” – Cerce Valley, France – Alexandre Deschaumes

Is anyone else thinking “Lord of the Rings”?  The power of this landscape is overwhelming.  The aqua lake at the bottom of the valley is like a cherry on a double chocolate sundae.  The crazy part about this image is although it looks one in a million, Alexandre recreates this feeling in several other images in his outstanding portfolio.  Read about his journey below then view his portfolio (Click Here).

Cerce Valley, France

Enter Alexandre:

I remember this journey through the Cerce Valley (French Alps, quite close to Briançon) as one of my most precious memory in the mountains.  I was with close friends for a 3 days hike in mid-September.   The weather was ominous, and the whole landscape was quite other worldly, with brown – red – yellowish patterns and gloomy rock formations.  After a first night at Lac des Cerces, 2400 m, we continued our way towards Ponsoniere Pass, 2600 m.  I saw the light piercing through the clouds and I ran to the pass.  I beheld this vision with darkness all around and the light on the turquoise lake.  Timeless.  After one minute the light disappeared.  This picture has a strong contrast and a warm white balance.  I also used Lee ND grad filters and added some vignette.

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