Posted by: Babu Suresh | April 14, 2012

09-13, April 2012 Daily Nifty Charts

Good morning to my fellow day traders.

Niftybaba’s weekly market review.

The week began after a long weekend ended mostly on mixed note, registering some stocks on positive zone, backed by good volume and many closing on negative zone.

NSE Nifty Spot –  Down by 2.2% (Weekly)

IDFC –  Down by 4.6% (Weekly)

JSWSteel –  Up by 2.9% (Weekly)

Jublfood –  Down by 4% (Weekly)

Relcapital –  Down by 11.3% (Weekly)

State Bank Of India –  Up by 2.3% (Weekly)

Tatamotors –  Up by 3.9% (Weekly)

Attaching here the charts of few of my subjects that I follow along with Nifty Spot Index chart for your reference with HMA Bollinger Bands Day Trading System in action.

Nifty Spot Daily

Nifty Spot Daily 140412


JSWSteel Daily 140412


Jublfood Daily 140412

State Bank Of India

SBIN Daily 140412

Reliance Capital

Relcapital Daily 14042012

Healthy And Wealthy Trading

Healthy And Wealthy Weekend


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