Posted by: Babu Suresh | June 21, 2012

Two Ideas That Made The Difference!!!

There are times you feel a sense of fulfilment and happiness, when you see someone near and dear getting benefited by your actions.

Last weekend when I was in my wife’s elder sister’s village along with my wife, I gave two ideas to my wife’s uncle that did make all the difference in the world.

MangoesUsually they pluck the mangoes directly standing on the branches of the trees with a long stick, which always result in damaging of fruits when they hit the ground. My suggestion was to spread a huge blanket, made of old rice and fertilizer bags, which was readily available, above the ground with one side facing the ground so that the mangoes will glide to the ground without any damage. The result was fantastic, we managed to save about 85% of the mangoes.

Tractor-HeadlightSecondly, that village as is the case with many other villages face perennial power problem, especially low voltage most of the times. My wife’s uncle was searching for something and I saw him keeping his tractor’s headlamp aside, a spare one. I suggested to him why not use that spare headlamp with a 12 Volts DC adapter in order to overcome low voltage problem in the house. The very next day, the Sunday, the tractor’s headlamp was hanging on the wall, flooding the room with full light. No more complaints about low voltage and tube light not burning.

There is a solution, if not for all, most of the problems only if we stop blaming the world for all our problems.

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