Posted by: Babu Suresh | June 29, 2012

A Simple 5 Minutes Exercise | Worth Giving It A Try!!!

I usually go to bed around 11pm, get up at 4am, do my analysis and update my other blog on international stock markets. Again go to sleep at 5am and get up again at 7.30am.

Two weeks ago before taking bath an idea struck my mind. I turned on my shower, stood straight with my back against the wall, my hands down by my side and focused my shower on both my feet, covering up to the ankles. I slowly began breathing by inhaling and exhaling and continued doing the same for about 5 minutes.

I began to notice my leg muscles started becoming warm after couple of minutes and after five minutes started feeling completely fresh and relaxed. Undoubtedly five minutes felt too long a period but became accustomed to it.

I suggested my wife also to try this exercise and she has also now started doing it everyday. Only I have to consult with her Doctor for she is affected with epilepsy, although it is a mild one.

Healthy And Wealthy Life


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